Unique Taste of Unspoiled Nature

Flavour of Iceland is a collaboration between Icelandic companies. Our focus is on providing cruise vessels with fresh, high-quality food and beverages during a port call in Iceland.

We handle all logistics and deliver goods on board cruise ships in any port in Iceland. Logistics are included in our competitive prices.

We focus on five key products: seafood, lamb, dairy, water and produce.



Iceland is surrounded by some of the richest fishing grounds in the North Atlantic. Cold and warm ocean currents meet off the island's shores, creating ideal conditions for fish to thrive.

Icelandic waters are virtually free from pollution, and quality standards are strict in every sector of the industry.



The Icelandic lamb spends a considerable part of its life wandering free on Iceland’s moors and mountains, thriving on grass and heather, and drinking only pure Icelandic water.



Dairy products have long been an important part of the Icelandic diet and dairy consumption in Iceland is very high. Skyr, a dairy product that is unique to Iceland, is deliciously healthy either as a meal or snack, is fat-free, and naturally rich in protein.



Icelandic water, filtered through volcanic bedrock for centuries, is among the cleanest in the world. The environment is so pristine that water needs no treatment after being pumped from wells.



Clean air, fresh water, fertile soil and no additives all contribute to the high quality and great taste of fresh Icelandic produce. In addition, we offer imported produce that meets the highest standards.

Fresh quality products are key, but logistics and distribution play a vital role in our approach.


All goods are delivered directly from a bonded warehouse, eliminating any local taxes and duties. Goods can be delivered to all the main harbours around Iceland. We have key supplier agreements with leading companies so that you can be assured of the best possible prices and the best available products at any time. There is considerable efficiency in having a single point of contact offering all possible goods in Iceland.


Logistics and agency

Flavour of Iceland is partly owned by the leading port agency and freight forwarder in Iceland. By cooperating closely with the agency and logistics provider, all delivery of goods is a smooth process.


Flavour of Iceland supplies to

  • Celebrity cruises
  • Silversea cruises
  • Cunard Line
  • Disney Cruise Line
  • and many more
  • MSC Cruises
  • Royal Caribbean
  • Aida Cruises
  • Holland America Line

For more information, please contact: sales@flavouroficeland.is